¡Bienvenidos a Fotos Catrachas! Welcome! We are attempting to showcase Central America, particularly Honduras, in a way rarely seen by tourists and casual visitors. We wish to show the good, bad and ugly/beautiful of the true "Catracho" in his native element, the unique beauty of the rain forest, the confusion of an old colonial Spanish city struggling to cope with the 21st century, the unique food and culture as well as the attempts to smile and be happy while enduring an austere life in the barrios. We are aimed primarily at the English-speaking community, but we also have a following of genuine Catrachos and other Latinos.

Please enter, leave a note in our Guestbook and enjoy!

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Lew, this is a very nice site. Thanks for the heads up.
I can't wait to see more!!
Excelente, vas bien con esa galería. Me encantaron las fotos de las comidas, muchas cosas parecidas a la nuestra, Puerto Rico.
Fotos Catrachas
Thank you, Karla! That's good to hear from an honest-to-goodness Catracha!
Karla McCaig(non-registered)
Looks great...very nice fotos...